Facilities:: accommodation in cabins, sanitary groups, dinning room, kitchen, gym, soccer field(with night lightening), Wi-Fi internet.

Activities:: zip line. Basketbal, volleybal, footbal, obstacle course, hiking, climbing.

When you miss having a time in the mountains, when you cant take any more of the tiring wildness of the city, when you feel like the advertisements and buildings have filled your soul and mind, when you realize that some time passed since you’ve seen the woods and the sky in all its splendor, then is the time to go to Voronet to be closer to heaven, closer to God. The Cristia camps are organized to offer to all the participants the possibility to make new friends, to have fun, make sport, rest and spiritual growth in a natural environment.


At a distance of 7 km from the railroad, you can see the intersection Gura Humorului for Voronet lower on the map.



How are Cristia camps?
Decisions, friends, experiences which I will remember all my life. This is what Cristia camp meant for me. I like to have fun in a frame without to many regulations and organizations but this camp changed my idea. Even thou every thing was programmed to every detail I can say that the fun did not miss, but has been fully. I was to be on the red team(the best team). We got to learn that in spite of the temperaments, individual pleasures, nationality and culture of every member of the team, to work, to cooperate, and play like a team. The games and the course did not miss. Games for destindere, soccer tournaments, volley, at witch every team wanted to win, the ping-pong table, the long zip line that made you think you were flying, the basketball baskets that were all the time occupied, the games from the evening chapel that gave us stomach pain from the laughter, made us feel good, to have fun and to have a good time together. Of course that the scenery around you, high mountains that seemed to roll over us, the smell of the pine tree, the sound of the valley close to the camp and the attractive forrest were full by our hiking on witch we rejoiced of the creation of God.
Beside all the good and fun time that we had, we left that place with a heavy spiritual package. I still remember that we learned about bible characters like Joseph, Noah, Esther, Ruth, Jesus Christ how they had walked the extra mile. I remember the the testimonies that I heard, preaching, praise time, and prayer when we felt the presence of God but what made me the most happy were the people that found Jesus in that camp.
I remember the last evening when up on the heal by the cross, how the problems, the sins, the worries were written on pieces of paper and tied to a nail that was beaten in the cross. I left some of my load, God showed me His power once again that evening. The neighbors had their music so loud that brother Pavel Clipa was barely hearable when he was preaching and of course satan was happy because of this. In a hurry we made a group of leaders and united in prayer against satan, and when Pavel started to call the teenagers to serve and love the one that was crucified for us- but has risen from the dead, God answered to our prayers by taking the electric, so the music stopped. There were only us and the heaven. Songs of joy were lifting to heaven and the heaven was rejoicing along with us. Do all that you can, leave the commodity and laziness and do the good that you can do and don’t leave it for another day. Every time there is an occasion to do a good deed -DO IT with a good attitude without complaining- this means to walk the extra mile.
Andrei Crisan. Arad

Voronet camp in 2007
It was a great experience because the fact that I felt used by God in the days that I stayed there, I felt how the Lord worked in me, at my character that was mare evident that time than in other times and had the occasion to take part of the way that children and teenagers were changed on the inside and their life got a new meaning close to the Lord. Together with Valentin, a very good friend from my town, were leaders to a group of about 20 children. The feelings that tried me when I remember the week spent there are some or he most wonderful starting with the first evening when I got there and discussed every thin in a leaders meeting where were spoken about organization.
The days that followed were full of happiness (for the children), a lot of occasions to think of what it means to be a leader, what it takes to have responsibility, but in the same time the beauty of doing this and the fulfillment that were pleasing to God. I used to do all the things I did with love, give ness, and to get involved with all that I got. This I did, and now the satisfaction following every thing I did, every moment, the memories, is big. Through the eyes of the mind I see the time of fellowship tat we had every morning with the children, the wonderful meals served between the children, the games that took place with them, in a special way the ones that have need to get your adrenaline high or at least to give an unusual felling, the evening that we spent sharing the word of God, the trip on which I cant but remember Debby that participated intensely of making my time pleasant, to clear every morning through the pleasant way of showing she is a child, form whose presence would not want to depart. After a period of few months, probably that a lot of the experiences and pleasant moments are still barely in my mind, but there are things that I remember with pleasure and for that I can thank the Lord. The conclusion that touches me at this moment is that these camps, those people that are involved in organizing them on an administrative as well as spiritual plan work a lot at those children’s character and with procedure in the lives of those that are involved on a spiritual plan. I can’t but to thank the Lord for the wonderful experience that I had, for the wonderful people I got to know and that He decided to let me be used in His work. I wish and believe that God will continue this work that the Kingdom of heaven will be shared to those like them. Praise be the Lord for His wonderful works!
Andrei Croitoru, Falticeni