Mission statement

Mission statement
The mission of Cristia Youth Association is to share the word of God with the new generation of Romanians so that they can become disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ in His church

A relevant teaching of the divine word for the new generation
Investment and development in relationships
The integration of youth in the christian service in the local churches

Evangelism and discipleship, fundamental commandments for the fulfilling of the great commission given by the Lord Jesus Christ
The formation of new generations of Romanians through the saving knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ
Spiritual enrichment through the sharing of the divine message

Spiritual programs with educational-Christian patterns promoted through the authority of the local church.
Finding and training the youth, members of the local churches, to become leaders through the modules of Cristia Leaders School
Creating all kinds of activities that will help to discover the abilities of the youth.

Friendship, the fundamental principle for developing relationships
Spiritual counseling, as an answer to the pressing needs of the youth
Continuity in the ministry, ways in which children, teenagers, and youth can develop a personal relationship with Jesus Christ

Christian camps and bible clubs for children, teenagers and youth in the time of school vacation
Weekly Bible clubs through the period of the school year
Development of conferences, festivals, and forums for evaluation, planning, and spiritual renewal.

Short history
In the year of 1991 took place the first Christian camp at Voronet, supported by the Crusades organization. On the day of 10 august there was a spiritual awakening, a lot of children and teenagers receiving Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Savior. The work in Romania was coordinated from the beginning by Liviu Cozmiuc, the director of the Cristia Association. The activities of the summer Christian camps continued through the following years, new camp centers were started at Padurea Neagra- Bihor, Lacu Rosu-Neamt, Cheia- Prahova, Navodari and many other places. From the year of 1995 Cristia was registered officialy as a youth association, extending the activities through the project of Bible clubs. It also started collaboration with other Christian organizations as C. R. I. and sponsoring the orphan children from the orphanages. Through these activities hundreds or even thousands of children, teenagers and youth got to know our Savior Jesus Christ. These activities were possible because of the support given by the Crusades organization, represented by a experimented leader, Malcolm Langton.
At the beginning of the year 2000, through the leaving of Liviu Cozmiuc in the USA, Corneliu Clipa was elected as the general director.
In the year of 2001 Cristia Youth Association celebrated 10 years of activity in the ministry for the new generation, occasion through which a lot of members were present from all over Romania and abroad.